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Stunning Tiny House Is Built With Family & Children

In the episode, we will see a Stunning Tiny House is Built with Family & Children located in New York.

This Tiny House is 34 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. It’s about 289 square feet on the bottom floor and it gets pretty close to 400. We definitely each had specific things that we wanted to incorporate into the design, we really had to adjust to each other and I think more than anything we actually planned for our future kids. So we have stairs instead of a ladder, the extra space just to have more rooms for a crib or a bed.

The kitchen we design from another tiny house that we saw and we really liked the idea of an Island I liked that it kind of sectioned off the kitchen from the living room. We have a lot of counter space, but if we’re both cooking in here, We have a pretty standard RV stove in our tiny house. This is an Atwood Wedgwood RV stove. It’s got three burners. They each have a little bit of different cooking power and then we have the oven that’s attached.

In this living space, we have a couch from Ikea. We did choose it because it has storage underneath here, so this whole thing will just kind of lift up and we have storage under there. This couch is the kind of one where you can pick and choose the different pieces to go together. So we could have chosen two storage modules or we could have chosen this one, which is a bed.

This is our bathroom space. It’s a little bit of everything. This is the same butcher block that we have in the kitchen. We have a sit-on-top sink, which is nice. Loved the look of this cabinet. So this is just a little storage space for us to store things that we use every day and we have lots of storage underneath our sink. We don’t have a washer or dryer right now,  

And the bathroom It was important to us to have a shower because we have a dog and we had thought about having a family and a bathtub can really come in handy. Definitely not a tub for an adult human to use. We have this really beautiful but also really, really functional low-flow faucet head in here. You have to be pretty intentional about all the products we use because we have a great water filtration system.

We have a composting toilet, so we actually really wanted this separate, but we ended up going with nature’s head because the space was a little bit too small.  

upstairs loft. It’s pretty big compared to some houses because we have the downstairs bedroom and the bathroom that it’s covering. We thought a lot about where we would put kids or how that would work. So for now it’s a sitting area. I had a lot of books before and getting rid of my books was something that was really hard. I have a lot of comic books here so it’s nice that these are pretty easy to access if we wanted to look at them, definitely can’t quite stand up. So that’s why I wanted to have a downstairs bedroom.  

In the bedroom, we designed this space and decided to put it in this half wall. This was one of our last design decisions. And even though that sort of closes off the space, I think it’s going to be really great when we do have kids to just put a gate here.  

This is down stair bedroom we designed this space, and we decided to put in this half wall. This was one of our last design decisions. And even though that’s sort of closes off the space, I think it’s going to be really great when we do have kids to just put a gate here    

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