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Stunning TINY HOUSE at Portland

In the episode, we will see a Stunning TINY HOUSE at Portland located in Portland.

The houses are 16 feet long or 18 feet long depending on the house and so they’re double axle specifically made trailers from Iron Eagle trailers right here on the East side of Portland. The paint isn’t sprayed on them. It’s all powder coated and baked on for longevity and so they don’t rust out. The feeling that the guests get and the feedback that I get, it’s just tremendous. I just love it. We get people that come to tiny digs from all sorts of backgrounds.

The cottage has a few design tricks to it to make it feel larger and roomier. It has a low ceiling when you walk in the front door, your eye travels to the end of the house to this nice big beautiful window at the back with the greenery outside and then to the chandelier and to the high ceiling above. People often remark when they come in here, this can’t be the same size as the other houses, but it really is once you enter the house and you’ll notice the fireplace here.

The couch here is really a couch bed. It has two handles on the front and you can slide that out. Sometimes two women will come and stay here and friends visiting town want separate sleeping arrangements and this does pull out into a nice queen-sized bed. This quilt that’s on the couch looks like it might be an old antique. It is not. It’s a Target find and these pillow shams. On to the curtains here.  

This green stained glass window it looks so beautiful it looks comfortable in here and this window was specifically made just for hanging the leaded glass in and some design going to the stairway too.

We have little kitchenettes of some sort so people can make their coffee or their tea. And so we chose induction heat plates for the safety factor. Long ago I visualize in this house of having an old China cabinet here as the whole kitchen, in this space, we are a hotel.

This is the loft of the cottage tiny house. As you can see, it has these dormers on the sides and this peaked roof that goes into a very centrepiece here. And we used one of these rosettes in the very centre to cover up where all the wood came in and matched. Again that target quilt and pillow shams all our main beds at tiny digs here are queen-sized beds.

The sink is around the other side of this. So if you’re gonna use the sink, you have to actually come in the bathroom, close the door, and then move to the position where the door was slid to before. Even the toilet has a little bit of design feature of the Victorian area. Right even down to the floor level here, there are some contours. All our toilets in tiny digs are flush toilets.


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