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STUNNING Tiny House And Beautiful Design

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In the episode, we will see STUNNING Tiny House And Beautiful Design located in Canada.

The Acadia property Hickory Outlook this place is stunning but it is next degrees right now so let’s go cozy up then we love the windows that span the full front of the tiny home let in that natural light and you can take that view of the surrounding Forest it really is special to wake up to that in the morning.  

the bathroom

There is a bathroom off to the right-hand side that has really unique marble sinks LED lights for getting ready and a large shower with tile that goes all the way to the ceiling it’s a rainfall shower so that’s also a bonus they really went all out and got a smart toilet with a bidet.

the kitchen of this  Tiny House 

This kitchen is the touch control sink I mean what a luxury pretty sweet I also love that it has everything that you need to make an entire meal plenty of pots pansy utensils and then all of your main appliances even a dishwasher which is pretty awesome for a tiny house and this bar is a perfect use of space in this tiny home perfect for having some pancakes in the morning.

Tiny house

the living room of the  Tiny House 

The Cozy living space with a comfortable couch and TV for entertainment but my favourite piece is this painting behind us done by the host Emily she is an artist and they are actually for sale if anyone wants to buy them she switches them out with every season and decorates this whole place based on the time of year so you can come here multiple times and have different experiences.

Tiny house

the bedroom

The bedroom with a king bed and stone that goes all the way to the ceiling with some sconces on each side some end tables with some charging ports underneath.

Tiny house

And then in the corner is a little desk that kind of makes the whole thing feel like a reader writer Retreat because you’re in the woods you get to take in the beauty of nature and so the whole place just has that cozy relaxing feel also I feel like they were very clever with this space.

the outdoor

And the outside there are another 200 square feet of patio that are underneath the roof and it’s got a custom-built fire table and a hot tub that is built into the patio and then I love the light fixture that their dad created with a birch tree it just gives that extra bit of character and a little bonus.    

IMG 6436

And we have a sauna trailed off to the side of the tiny home so this place is perfect for relaxation and just getting away with there being so much snow it makes you want to just enjoy being in this tiny home and playing some games, this amazing but they have another cabin on the property called Scenic Orchard and it’s a shipping container home that is beautiful.    

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