In this episode, we will see a stunning Snow Storm Log Cabin, This Log Cabin is located in Black Hawk, Colorado, United States.

The outside looks so perfect in the snow and on the side of this mountain with the trees everywhere it.

The Interior of the Log Cabin

First, when you walk in on the right side you can see laundry which is a great addition to a lot of Windows.

The Living Room in this Log Cabin

This living room is nice and pretty on the floor has a window it’s really brightening the views are fantastic.

You also have a sofa right to sit at and then, of course, it faces your TV and in the evenings if you’re chilling out and just watching Netflix you got a few places to chill.

The Bedroom

This house has two bedrooms so you can have multiple people come if you want this is the guest so we have a store your stuff in and the log cabin.


The Bathroom

On the other side, the first door on the left is you got your fir the bathroom is pretty big and spacious the shower over here is really nice a walk-in shower and you’re really nice t  sink the log cabin feel just continues inside the home you cut the logs.


The Kitchen in this Log Cabin

This kitchen’s pretty spacious for it you need this kitchen amenity item thing you would need in it from all the cabinet space to all the kitchen utensils.


You got a coffee maker you just have everything you would need and one of the nicest things

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