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Stunning Off-Grid Floating House

Hello, everybody!
In this episode, we will show you a stunning off-grid floating house in Canada.

Stunning Off-Grid Floating House

Stunning Off-Grid Floating House

There is something special about floating homes. They offer a unique way to experience the great outdoors without having to leave your cozy cabin or home. You can enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about harsh weather or getting wet. Floating homes are perfect for those who want to get away from it all. You can use floating homes for vacations, fishing trips, or just for enjoying the great outdoors.

Another benefit of living in a floating house is that it is eco-friendly. Floating houses are made from recycled materials, so they are a green alternative to traditional houses.

This floating house is a 700-square-foot, self-built float home that is fully off-grid with solar, a pellet stove, a composting toilet, and an evaporation grey water system that ensures nothing is dumped overboard! It has an open concept kitchen, living and dining space, a master bedroom and bathroom on the main floor, two bedrooms on the second floor, and the wraparound deck up top gives 360-degree views.

Stunning Off-Grid Floating House

Stunning Off-Grid Floating House

Stunning Off-Grid Floating House

Stunning Off-Grid Floating House

Building a Barge of the House

Started by building a barge so the barge is 16 feet wide 40 feet long and 3 feet deep and built it from for independent watertight boxes basically that were all framed up out of locally harvested cedar and then she’s thin plywood and then finished off with four layers of really heavy woven roving and chopped strand mat fiberglass and then coated in epoxy so it provides a real robust strong platform for me to build upon and that’s all decked over and sealed up.

Started framing up and building the house on top of that the house itself is 14 feet wide by 34 feet long on the main floor and then 12 feet by 24 on the second floor so there are about 700 square feet of heated living space and there’s some storage down inside the hull.


The Inside

In the main living area, there’s a sofa and kitchen and a bathroom with the shower vanity and composting toilet and there are two good-sized bedrooms upstairs there. It is about thirteen by fourteen each so good-sized bedrooms upstairs.

Access the upper deck from out on the floor deck out now at the front door here and there’s full 360-degree access upstairs from there ultimately there will not be a ladder here it will be an alternating step space-saving set of stairs built out of fir down under the sofa is a sealed off battery bank and there are seven hundred and forty amp hours of batteries and they’re powered by currently, it got four hundred watts of solar panels up on the roof.

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