Stunning Modern Tiny House With Private Lake.

In this episode, we will see a Stunning Modern Tiny House With Private Lake.

This stunning tiny house is located in Jeromesville, Ohio, United States itโ€™s a beautiful, secluded property. Stunning modern tiny house with private lake

The Exterior of the Tiny House

Welcome to this stunning modern villa, the best part of this place is the large pond directly in front of the home, you can spend some time fishing or enjoying the sunset.

The front side of this tiny has a lot of things interesting there is a large hot tub and then a huge garage door that you can open to let a ton of light into the main interior.
On this side, you have a little grill and some extra firewood, and then your dining table with six chairs and the string light above it, and the last part of the exterior is your fire pit area.

The Interior of the Tiny House

When you enter this tiny house, the first thing you will see is your kitchen area and the living room area itโ€™s an open floor plan concept itโ€™s quite spacious.

There is a large wraparound L-shaped counter with a bunch of stools all around it and right behind that is another countertop there are a lot of your kitchen appliances here.

This living room is very bright and airy, two comfortable sofas come with a cool feature and then your coffee table in the middle and then some nice artwork with a clock and a TV on the wall.

The First Bedroom

This property can sleep up to six guests total, you have two beds in this bedroom, one is a king-size bed and one is a queen-size bed with a huge window to get sunlight into this bedroom.Tiny house Tiny house Tiny house

The Second Bedroom

This bedroom is a similar design to the last bedroom you have a queen-size bed, a huge window, and a nightstand right behind that.

The Bathroom

This is a spacious bathroom, you have your sink area along with your extra towels, your mirror, and plenty of storage space. On this side is your toilet and your shower space itโ€™s a massive shower for two people.

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