Stunning Modern Tiny House Sanctuary

In this episode, we will see a Stunning Modern Tiny House Sanctuary

This stunning modern tiny house is located in Victoria, British Columbia this spot is super beautiful surrounded by trees and mountains and you have a million-dollar view as well.

The Exterior

The cedar on the front side is pretty beautiful the window and door and the roof are very cool with the black tint so here you got a front patio space as well which have a couple of chairs and some plants and then a fire pit area as well.

This beautiful tiny house is about 24 feet long on a trailer and then a foot extension on the front which is where they put a little extension in the kitchen and then some storage in the master and then a foot and a half on the back for the utilities.  

The Living Room

The whole space of this tiny house is super bright and airy the ceiling is quite tall which makes this tiny house keep open and spacious there is your living area on the right side, with some storage and a closet right in front of this.

The Kitchen

This is a rustic kitchen it’s pretty quiet there is a dining table on the right side, with a huge window above that so you can enjoy your meal or do your work and overlook your property.

There is a full-size fridge and in the main countertop space there is a stovetop here it’s a four-burner-gas stove some floating shelves cabinets and storage right underneath and above this countertop, a double sink, and coffee supplies.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is very cool it’s spacious as well so you got a full-size shower space on this part and then your toilet with a vanity right behind and artwork and then your closet right across from this.    

The Loft Bedroom

This is your loft bedroom space it’s quite spacious and beautiful there are two queen size mattress right here and low windows on each side, you got some plants here and then a skylight window right above.

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