Stunning & Modern, Minimalist Tiny House on Wheels

In this episode, we will see The Stunning & Modern, Minimalist Tiny House on Wheels

The Exterior

This stylish and modern tiny house is very beautiful and architecturally designed tiny house is sure to impress from exterior metal exterior to its minimalist plywood interior.

This off-the-grid tiny house on wheels is about 7.2 long by 2.4 wide (23x8ft) and there are lots of solar panels on the roof that take a lot of power for use in this house.

The Living Room

The interior design of this house is very beautiful and unique it’s quite open and bright and airy the ceiling is very tall the plywood is perfect.

This is your living area it’s very beautiful there is a couch right next to the wall with a huge window right above that and a closet right behind as well.

The Kitchen

This kitchen space is pretty spacious with the countertop on the right side, the sink right in the middle, and the stovetop, and then a lot of cabinets below and floating shelves so this kitchen has everything you need.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is very beautiful it’s a tiny bathroom but you will get feel warm when you come in the sink is on the right side with the mirror right above and a composting toilet right in the middle it’s super easy to use.

The Loft Bedroom

This loft bedroom space is a very beautiful and comfortable space for you there is a king-size mattress here it is very comfortable and you got a skylight window as well so you can enjoy stargazing at night as well.Tiny house

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