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Stunning Modern Cabin with Glass Walls Brings the Outside

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In the episode, we will see a Stunning Modern Cabin with Glass Walls Bringing the Outside located in Quebec, Canada.

This stunning and modern 1000-square-foot cabin where every detail has been meticulously designed and executed to provide a comfortable space that merges with nature. Built all on one level, the cabin has a carport and firewood storage at one end, and then the cabin itself has an open-concept living, dining, and kitchen area, as well as two beautiful bedrooms and a spacious bathroom.

The Living room

In this living room, there’s a small space closet here so everything’s been thought in terms of like there has to be a lot of storage, in the living room to make it minimal but cozy and I think that that’s super important right because like minimalism can get a little bit too extreme sometimes so that couch it’s really comfortable really good for a nap, and then you can see a fireplace.

The Kitchen

The kitchen was super fun to design it’s a freestanding Island we wanted to actually integrate the whole thing the sink and uh where people see and this is like a kind of like a mini tiny little garden and whenever you’re just like cooking.

And then you have a space for people to see it very comfortably at the table and then we have the dishwasher here there are no handles which are nice so everything is kind of hidden and here’s the fridge like it’s a small fridge.

The Bedroom

The room’s a quite small space but at the same time I think we did a lot for a small space everything’s built-in in the house right that applies to the beds as well you have storage under the beds and also on the closet side of things pretty much.


The Bathroom of the cabin

The bathroom is pretty nice so you have a black door to continue with the hallway and a walk-in shower with a super nice view there’s nobody watching you but if you’re feeling shy you can actually close the shutters from outside.


The Master Bedroom of this cabin

This is the master bedroom is very similar to the guest bedroom a little bit bigger you have more space here and it’s kind of nice though because like this is where the house ends and you have like this hidden door here a pocket door these lights are pretty cool they’re also made by alphabet very soft light LEDs so yeah I find them beautiful.

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