Stunning Log Cabin With A Large Rear Deck In The Woods

Welcome to Log Cabin it is strongly suggested that you have a peek inside the magnificent log cabin that can be found in Sandown, New Hampshire where you are now residing.


The Kitchen

Being able to have a kitchen that is capable of combining contemporary and rustic elements appropriately is something that we appreciate very much.

There are some magnificent log cabinets in this kitchen, which is located in a log house. These cabinets are set right next to some contemporary fixtures and equipment in the kitchen.

log cabin

Since the open parts that are located above the log cabinets are positioned above the log cabinets, they are ideal for exhibiting your one-of-a-kind collection of cookware since they are located above the cabinets.

Additionally, the frosted glass door that is positioned on the pantry which is adjacent to the refrigerator is something that we think to be stunning.

Another feature of this kitchen is that it features a bar on one side, which can be converted into a simple breakfast nook if that becomes necessary.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

A charming country chic appearance that is completely in tune with the overall log cabin design is applied to adorn each of the bedrooms throughout this property.

This theme is carried out throughout the whole home. This kind of design is used across the whole of the property.

log cabin

The fact that it is well-equipped to become the most hospitable sanctuary in the whole nation is in addition to the fact that it has a warm and friendly ambiance.

A characteristic that is quite desired is the existence of beds that are hidden under the eaves and that have space for chairs, a chest of drawers, and a multitude of spectacular vistas on all sides of the room.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

In addition, the bathroom needs to be a breathtaking display, which is something that ought to go without saying.

This rustic and reclaimed wood log cabinet vanity is a lovely addition to the area since it has a stunning soaking tub that is positioned in one of the room’s corners.

log cabin

This great addition makes the space seem even more attractive. Consequently, it is a fantastic addition to the neighborhood because of this.

This one-of-a-kind log vanity may also be used in the master bathroom, which has an open area underneath it and exquisite brass bowl sinks. However, this is not the only conceivable application for this vanity.

Another option is shown here. The contemporary design of the tiled shower that has glass doors and walls is an excellent illustration of a modern addition because of its current appearance.

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