Stunning Log Cabin Master Suite In The Daniel Home

Welcome to If you choose to construct the log cabin of your dreams in collaboration with Honest Abe Log Cabins, you will be provided with a comprehensive range of excellent floor designs from which to choose.


The “Daniel Home,” which is a modified version of the Bellewood model, is a genuine family home log cabin that is just as wonderful on the inside as it is on the exterior. The Daniel Home is a variant of the Bellewood model that has been modified.

The Living Area

This “great room” in this log house is similar to the others in that it has a wall of windows that, like the others, let in a lot of natural light and showcase the wonderful views outside. This “great room” also features a fireplace.

Injecting a lot of personality into a place with the use of little elements, such as a chandelier made of antlers, is possible while still allowing the space to perform the functions for which it was designed.

In addition, there is a fireplace located smack dab in the middle of the house, which makes it possible to spend toasty and relaxing winter nights within the house itself.


The graphic that comes up next will walk you through the layout of the log cabin’s levels that are located underneath the main one.

In addition to having a door that leads directly onto the outside terrace, the great room is part of an open floor plan that also links it to the kitchen and the dining room.

One of our favorite areas in the whole log cabin is a beautiful little alcove that is situated in an accessible location near the stairs. Both at the front door and behind the mantle of the fireplace, you’ll find this particular item.


This area may have a little wine log cabinet, a single chair, and an entrance table, all of which may be located here. When visitors arrive at your house, this area is the ideal place to provide a warm greeting and invite them inside.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

This kitchen is a fantastic illustration of how well modern and rustic designs can coexist in the same space and yet maintain their own identities. This beautiful kitchen has log walls, wonderful wood log cabinets, and a magnificent tile backsplash.


The kitchen has contemporary stainless steel equipment, and the log walls and wood log cabinets give it a charmingly rustic appearance. In addition, there is a large island bar situated in the center of the room, and it is outfitted with a sink.

Because of this, the process of preparing meals for the family is transformed into an activity that is both delightful and joyous.

The Dining Room of the Log Cabin

The dining room is open to the living area, while the kitchen is surrounded on three sides by windows and doors that lead out to the patio.

Take a look at the breathtaking woodwork and this one-of-a-kind table that they have added to the area; it is ideal for holding dinner parties or other types of family gatherings throughout the holiday season.

The First Bedroom

The master bedroom has its private doors that open out to the decks and balconies, both of which provide stunning views of the surrounding area. In addition to that, this area is quite open and big, and it exudes an atmosphere that is kind and inviting.

log cabin

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

And the restroom: talk about a safe sanctuary amid a wasteland! In addition, there is a great soaking tub and a corner shower included in the package along with the wonderful vanity that has lots of room for storage.

log cabin

The Second Bedroom

The other bedrooms are on the second floor, and several of them have unique window views that create a cozy little nook that is ideal for a reading chair or a sewing table. These bedrooms are situated on the second level.

log cabin

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