Stunning Log Cabin Addition To The Zerbe And Enchanting

Welcome to Take a look at our tour of the Zerbe log cabin if your notion of the perfect home is a place that is simple but nonetheless beautiful despite its lack of ostentation.


This stunning log cabin has a conventional floor plan, and it is designed with straightforward, uncluttered lines and outstanding workmanship throughout.

The Exterior

The section of the log cabin that looks out into the backyard is one of our absolute favorites about this property, and the great room serves as the major focal point of interest in that section of the house.


In point of fact, this makes use of that space not just for the main level, but also for the basement, which has its very own set of windows that line perfectly underneath the great room. This makes the most of the space that is often wasted between the two floors.

The Inside

The words “classic” and “clean” are the first that spring to me when I think of characterizing the inside of the house. When you enter the front door of the log cabin, you will find that there are stairs going to the main living space on the right, as well as stairs leading to the basement and the loft on the second level to the left.


The Living Area

As soon as you go through the front door, you are welcomed with a vista that stretches all the way to the back of the log cabin, where there is a wall of windows. This view can be seen from the moment you enter the house.

This log cabin does not have a pair of doors that go straight from the great room onto the terrace. This is one of the features that is lacking in the house.

Instead, this space serves to physically separate the decks from one another, and it also provides access to the decks from the outside of the log cabin.


You can see that the owners have made this room into a pleasant resting area near the fireplace, and you can also see that they have utilized the space that is closer to the windows for a living area that has a design that is more traditional.

The combination of a plush sectional sofa with an entertainment log cabinet in the corner that has doors that can be shut to hide electrical gadgets makes an inviting space that is ideal for unwinding while watching a movie or just catching up with friends.

From this more lowly vantage point, you get an unobstructed view of both the front door and the kitchen, which can be seen on the left side of the photograph.


The dining table is located to the left of this photo, along with the corridors that go down to the bedroom on the main floor and to other rooms and regions of the house.

If you look up into this image, you will also have the opportunity to see the lofted space that is located on the second storey. Even if this isn’t a full second level like other homes have, it’s still a good idea to utilize this extra room for seating or storage since it’s ideal for families with small children.

It is a lovely area for reading or playing that is not fully separated from the rest of the log cabin. You can hear the sounds from the rest of the house.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The open and inviting space in the kitchen’s corner has a lovely seating area, and it is furnished with everything that you would desire or need.


The standard layout for an L-shaped kitchen offers sufficient space for storage log cabinets both above and below the counters, in addition to the open area that is necessary for the installation of a center island.

A kitchen island that can also serve as a breakfast nook is a fantastic investment for families with children who often want a site to eat snacks or meals while on the move. These families typically have a greater need for such a space.

The Dining Table

This dining space is one of our top picks among all of them. Not only is it conveniently positioned next to the kitchen and the living spaces, but it also has a built-in buffet against the wall that, if you so desired, could function as a wet bar.


This is just one of the many advantages of this space. Put up a sink off to the side, that’s all there is to it! Additionally, you get an unobstructed view of the terraces outside thanks to the sliding glass doors that are located here.

The perfect spot for uncomplicated and quick access to the surrounding natural environment, which makes hosting weekend cookouts much less of a hassle to plan.

Private Home Office

One of our most cherished aspects of the inside of this log cabin is the dedicated office area it provides, making it one of our top choices overall. Although it is feasible to employ this space as a bedroom, we like the way that it has been designed as a formal office setting.

log cabin

It comes complete with a workstation against the wall and a desk in the middle of the room. You could easily entertain a client here in a professional atmosphere, or you could just use this as your work-from-home headquarters, which is perfect for those common Zoom sessions.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The floor plans of the bedrooms in this log cabin are open and spacious, and some of the bedrooms even have private doors that go out onto the deck that the house has. All of the bedrooms in this house are quite wonderful.

log cabin

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

It goes without saying that you cannot close your eyes to the gorgeous master bathroom that is located here. A spacious walk-in shower and a freestanding bath with a deep soaking tub are positioned next to one another just below a large picture window in the bathroom.

log cabin

To contrast the light wood that was used for the walls, ceiling, and log cabinets, the usage of easy-to-clean tile flooring is the ideal choice. Dual sinks are fantastic for any couple that may wish to move in together.

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