Stunning Log Cabin 729 Square Foot With Old World Charm

Welcome to Log Cabin discover the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of the interior of this classic log cabin, which is now up for sale in Portland, Maine. The cottage was just recently made available for purchase on the market.


You will feel as though you have traveled back in time when you step inside or outside of this log home since it will make you want to explore new creative possibilities and will give you the impression that you have been transported there.

The Living Area

In addition to a corner kitchen, dining room, and extra-large living space than the rest of the log cabin combined, this log cabin’s main level features a beautiful open floor plan with more living space than the rest of the cottage combined.

This level also boasts more living space than the rest of the log cabin combined. This living room features a lovely handcrafted stone fireplace with a log mantle that stays true to the authentic log cabin style that you are accustomed to and enjoy.


The in-question room, which has a big layout, is a great area for one to rest in the company of one’s family or one’s offspring. This is because the room can accommodate a large number of people.

There is more than enough room in this area to set up board games on the coffee table or even just to settle in for a movie without having to move around.

You can locate the set of stairs that will take you up to the loft space on the second floor by looking behind the sofa. The loft area is located on the second floor.

log cabin

You are going to find that having access to this location, which is a game room, provides you with both fun and value. This is going to be the case because this location is a game room.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The kitchen is a marvelous construct that, as was stated before, incorporates components from a variety of periods as well as locations all over the world. A large farmhouse sink, an old-fashioned stove, and wood cupboards and drawers can be found in your kitchen.

Your kitchen also has some antique appliances. In addition to that, you have a refrigerator that is made of stainless steel, which is a pretty cool material to use.

log cabin

A stunning homage to times gone by that, at the same time, makes the most of the conveniences and comforts that contemporary living has to offer.

They chose this rock design rather than a more sophisticated tile backsplash because it has the appearance of something that may be included in an older log home.

This is because the rock pattern has the appearance of something that might be included in an earlier log home. This is because it gives off the impression of being something that could be included.

log cabin

The installation of a farmhouse sink, the likes of which have witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years as a direct result of the growth of modern farmhouse design, is the option that makes the most sense about this specific kitchen.

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