Stunning, Hand-Crafted Tiny House in the woods.

This traditional Thai Tiny House is built entirely out of wood and was fashioned by hand in the rural areas of northern Thailand. It is a beautiful example of Thai architecture.

Tiny House


If you stay here, you will have the opportunity to observe life outside of the city as it is lived by genuine Thai people in a way that you would not have the chance to do anywhere else in Thailand.

If you were to stay in a different part of the nation. This is an opportunity that you would not have if you stayed in a different area of the country.

Because of its capacity to act as an insulator against heat, wood has recently gained a lot of traction as a building material in Thailand, which has contributed to the country’s economic growth.

The Tiny House is constructed entirely out of reclaimed teak wood of the best possible quality, which not only makes it beneficial to the environment but also lends it a flavor that is uniquely Thai.

After negotiating the commotion of the city center, it was a relief to be away from it all and take in the verdant scenery and serene atmosphere.

In addition to everything else, one of the things that brought us an incredible amount of delight was spending time with the different creatures who made their home on the land and getting to know them.

It is a terrific location to relax right in the middle of Bangkok, which is saying something because Bangkok is a very busy area.

The hosts are very hospitable and quick to respond to any queries or concerns that guests may have. They make an effort to assist you in whatever that you require aid with and make every effort to do so.

The Wood House’s Peacock Room is a beautiful space.

Tiny House


Wood is a common building material in Thailand because of its capacity to insulate occupants from the high heat of this location. This brand new Thai-style wood Tiny House offers guests a truly one-of-a-kind experience in Thailand.

The native Thai people of Kampangphet Province are responsible for the construction of our wooden homes utilizing time-honored techniques.

The Tiny House is made entirely out of salvaged teak wood of the highest possible quality, which not only makes it environmentally friendly but also gives it a distinctively Thai flavor. Inside is where you’ll find the bathroom, and outside is where you’ll find the spacious terrace where you may unwind.

This was always one of my favorite places to hang out. Upon first entering, it will appear as though you are neither close to nor even in the city of Bangkok itself. When there are animals present, it is a very pleasant experience to be able to sit outside and observe them.

The Bungalow is quite gorgeous and features a built-in air conditioning system. The natives treat one another with a high level of respect and are also quite kind to one another. Outstanding geographic location.

You had an abundance of personal space, the blanket was quite fluffy, and the room was tidy.

The Views from the Tiny House are breathtaking.

Tiny House


The villa, which is located at an altitude of 2250 meters and has stunning vistas of the Himalayan mountain range, was recently renovated.

Every item on the menu was produced within a short distance of this establishment. One of the most recognizable features in Raithal is Dayara Bugyal, which can be found 3408 meters above sea level.

It is an absolutely stunning 8.5-kilometer trek that is ideal for novice hikers and is recommended for those who are just getting started.

The cabin sits in the middle of a forest, and in order for guests to reach it, they have to climb a steep slope for about 400 meters, which can take anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes. Once they reach the top of the slope, they will be at the cottage.

The fact that the site is smack dab in the center of nature gives visitors the sensation of being in an unrestricted environment in which to go exploring.

The Food that is not vegetarian and alcoholic beverages are not allowed in that location because of the dietary rules that apply to that place.

If you want to spend your days taking in the crisp, clean air and being serenaded by the chirping of a variety of birds while being secluded in a verdant forest, then this is the perfect place for you to be.

Our time at Bhala Ho was remarkable in every respect, and we highly recommend it to everyone. During our time in Raithal, not only the people who worked at the stay,

but also the villagers who lived in the neighborhood around it, created an atmosphere that was friendly and inviting for us to enjoy.

The Tiny House is split up into two levels.

Tiny House


The mansion may be found on a hilltop that is completely surrounded by thick vegetation on all sides. It is not visible from the road that descends the hill,

And from the porch there is a beautiful view of a variety of animals and various types of nature. What a delightfully quaint Tiny House! It was an amazing experience.

It’s the perfect spot to kick back and unwind. Even though there is some walking involved, the environment is very stunning.

The images do not do justice to the beauty of the Wooden Tiny House, which is breathtaking in person. We spent a lovely time together in the Tiny House where we were staying.

The Tiny House was just as it was described; it had a high level of privacy, an unusually beautiful layout, and offered everything that was necessary for us.

The hardwood furniture is excellent and demonstrates a high level of sophistication in both appearance and construction. One of our favorite aspects of the room was the ladder that led to the upper bunk, which you can use if you want to sleep there.

Campers have access to a nice toilet, a clean shower, and a nice basin. All of these amenities are quite clean. Guests who choose to make use of the couch as a bed will have a front-row seat for the dawn’s first rays.

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