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STUNNING Container Home between two cliffs

In the episode, we will see Family builds stunning Container Home between two cliffs! located in Canada.

This container is got two 40-foot containers and a 20-foot container the tower with the gold roof on it that is traditionally framed we got a lot of questions about that but it was not easy getting a 40-foot container down the ravine squeezing it around these Cliffs and fitting it in here design of Roka box hop is not your typical container design. and the hot tub area is located beside the hug this rock and you can far waterfall from the mountain over there.

This container you got gold ceiling was a fun way to enter this house, this house is very eclectic it’s very Whimsical so Seth actually had the idea from the black key song to gold of the ceilings and that totally complemented all the Accents in this house and my like weird twist to the aesthetic in there not only was the ceiling gold but as you can see beautiful wallpaper yellow gold very bright of the door are the big picture window with the glass on all the sides.

This is a half bathroom that sort bridging the two containers of the 20-foot and the 40-foot right beside there it is super small but it is really unique and we love it just has a little punch to it with this pretty wallpaper you have a rock for a bowl of a basin sink you got a lampshade yet again another pattern you got open shelves.

The kitchen is very beautiful so you got your stove sink refrigerator it works well when you’re working with containers because of their narrow eight-foot wide and then by incorporating the window as much as possible inside these houses so starting with our cocktail cabinet went ahead and put a window behind it we also are very fond of using panoramic long and skinny window so that you can see outside on all directions.

The living room just allows a little extra room to spread out and have kids run around this part of the container is hanging off the side of the foundation and there’s drop off below us and then you have a Gallery wall another option to add in character with wallpaper and then, of course, a cute little lamp that comes down for reading having a softer light in the space.

The second floor is a bedroom we like to call this bedroom the gold room it’s very simple and has a queen bed on the bottom and a lofted twin above it just offers more sleeping space if you’ve got kiddos or a friend that’s joining you the other thing to note in this room.

This is a master suite you have the skylight you have picture windows that are just like the ones we saw it the living room, so you also have a king-size bed it is a lot of the room bed the little light in the corner, and the wallpaper that beautiful.


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