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STUNING Tiny House With No Loft

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In the episode, we will see a STUNING Tiny House With No Loft located in Mills River, North Carolina.

This Tiny House is eight  and a half feet wide by 30 feet long and the interior square footage is about 220 square feet  this house was built by Brevard tiny house company it cost 66 000 to build it sounds like a lot to some people but we paid three people to work on it for four months and they did a way better job.

The kitchen of this tiny house

The treehouse is your kitchen and it was the priority in the build so we have a full oven it’s actually a  double oven which is very exciting we like to bake and we have storage for everything you can see the counter and we also have drawers in the kitchen is all like cabinets and then you have an apartment-size fridge with the freezer on the bottom we were not going to do dorm fridge we wanted to have ice cream and normal storage.

Tiny house

There’s your chair and this space is big enough to do yoga which is awesome or to stretch or sometimes people over the walls and that was another priority of mine have as much space as possible for art.

The bathroom of this tiny house

There’s your bathroom it’s bigger than most tiny house bathrooms we just needed to be able to like wash your hair in the shower without having to bring your elbow and you also have a glass door so that was pretty builders did a great job and we put the mirror on the wall because we want the window in here to make this room bright.

The bedroom

The bedroom is able to stand up in your bedroom so we have a taller bed than most because we have a lot of bins underneath there with all of your sewing and your painting all those good things, and it is anything you would put in a garage so it’s tools and camping gear it goes all the way across the whole bit of the building and the water heaters in there as well so it’s wonderful.

Tiny house

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