Spectacular Tiny House Boat with The Most STUNNING Interior

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In this episode, we’re going to show you a stunning tiny house boat in Victoria, British Columbia.

There is a growing trend of people living in small, lightweight houses on boats. Tiny houseboats are a great option for people who want to downsize their living space and have more control over their environment. You can find a variety of different tiny houseboats on the market, from traditional sailboats to kayaks.

The Advantages of the Tiny House Boat

Tiny House boats offer a lot of advantages over traditional houses. They are lightweight and easy to move, which makes them perfect for people who want to live in a flexible location. You can easily move your tiny houseboat to a new location if you want to change your lifestyle or find a new job.

This tiny house boat is 30 feet long and it’s about 12 and a half feet wide which is really handy it allows for some narrow side deck and that’s to still have quite a wide living space here. We have about 14 feet from the sole to the ceiling in here where it’s not interrupted by the second floor there’s also quite a bit of space on the roof and we make really good use of it.

The houseboat is packed with neat features: a head with a composting toilet and a livestock trough bathtub, a chart table, a bright galley, a handmade curved cedar dinette, a storage staircase, cozy sleeping and relaxing lofts that are connected by a catwalk, and a ladder that leads to a rooftop deck.

    • Floor Space 591sqft
    • Total Finished Area 377sqft
    • Bathroom 1
    • Bedroom 1

      Main Level

    • Kitchen 2’x 6
    • Bathroom 4’x 7′
    • Living Room/Dining Room 10’x 19

      Second Level

    • Den 10′ x 7′
    • Bedroom 10’x 13′

Inside this Tiny House Boat

Electrical Panel

We also have our electrical panel 120 and 12-volt dc on the same panel and again under here we had a little bit more storage space that was created when we put the stairs up there were never stairs in this boat originally but of course, you know living here full time going up and down a ladder all the time it’s very inconvenient and this was a good addition.

Behind the lower part of the staircase is our water heater and our water pump and that back panel is removable to have access to those in the galley here we were lucky this was the only straight run we had in the whole boat basically so we were able to use
pre-manufactured cabinets and that saved us a lot of time.

There’s a little bump out into our 2×4 framing just to gain the maximum storage possible in a small space these are all little details that Kaylee learned from the tiny home movement. We have refrigeration we have a fridge and a freezer both of these are powered by 120 so as long as we’re by the dock it’s not a problem we have our propane stove and oven four burners this whole space under the ford deck is accessible through here.

It’s quite a lot of storage there’s enough room here for quite a lot of supplies and we would keep mostly food and provisions up there another thing we would keep here is wine this part of the boat is not insulated and so it’s much cooler than the rest of the boat when we’re heating so this acted as our little wine cellar it’s quite nice.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House Boat

The Second Level

You will find a tranquil sleeping area with an adjoining space to sit and relax. Inside take the steps up to your very own rooftop deck and revel in the gorgeous ocean views that will transport you away from the stresses of everyday life.

The Rooftop Deck

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This tiny houseboat is for sale. You can check out the boat listing here.

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