Snowy Mountain Cabin in Southern California

In the episode, we will see a Snowy Mountain Cabin in Southern California located in Idyllwild-Pine Cove, California.

This Modern door here in the front just stands out among all the other homes here and this one is pretty cozy over here we got the cabin and beautiful trees surrounding you feel like you’re walking in a fairy tale up here in Idlewild we love the scenery.   

When you walk in this is instantly extremely cozy here the wood ship flap all the way around the exposed ceiling with the rafters is my favorite part here and it is really spacious in this first section.

The Living room

In this room, we have a dining table with a window and a light dining table to let in some light and look out into nature and there are just lots of cool features in here let’s start with the  a

living room this living room space takes.

The Kitchen this cabin

There are large spaces with lots of cabinets in here that cabin plenty of countertop space to do anything huge apron front sink right here in front of this window plenty of area and room to do dishes but you don’t need even have to clean them there is a dishwasher right here and then a stove.

The Bedroom this cabin

The bedroom is a very nice mirrored closet right here you can slide these open and put your luggage a couple of fans and heaters in there as well if you see it cold or hotbed right? sides with massive lamps which are nice love the exposed ceiling and the rafter.


The Bathroom this cabin

This Bathroom is on the main floor it is also for an across-the-hallway huge counter over here with the sink in the middle and you got the mirror and the window a nice, shelf right here I like this whole setup.


The Bedroom Loft

There place is a large space up the stairs this area is carpeted sometimes it is really cozy, the bed

is really simple there’s no headboard because of the A-frame aspect in this Loft you got closets. In front of a bathroom up here just for you pretty nice Loft area.


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