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Smart Tiny House with Loft Loads of Clever Storage

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In the episode, we will see a Smart Tiny House with Drop-Floor Loft & Loads of Clever Storage locate in Alberta Canada.

The Living room

This living room is traditional-style couches this couch in the Halcyon is actually the Gemini by Resource Furniture and really easily into bunk beds with two adult twin mattresses for sleeping for two so now is your living room your sitting and relaxing space.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This is our microwave hood vent it functions as both the countertop we designed this tiny home in a really modern and you also have the fridge very bright.

Tiny house

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This bathroom we really designed this to feel very spa-like and luxurious with our custom concrete and our white it just feels like a place where you can relax this is interesting enough and you also have a soaker tub and a toilet.

Tiny house

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

This is your bedroom so you have a beautiful bed and then you have an LED headboard there with lighting and a USB port and electricity, and the window in bed you can feel those cross breezes at night as well as just have those beautiful views.

Tiny house

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