Small Tiny House Design With Mezzanine And Enchanting

Welcome to Tiny House a growing number of people in today’s society are choosing to live in tiny houses that are somewhat on the smaller side. There is a growing trend toward the construction of smaller residences.


The design style that we are utilizing not only aids us in living a lifestyle that is more sustainable and ecologically friendly, but it also assists us in leading a lifestyle that is far less destructive to the environment.

The Kitchen

There is a fantastic blend of granite counters and wood that has been aged on the island bar that is located on the outer boundary of the kitchen that is located on the main level. This bar is located on the main level.

Within the kitchen, there is a tremendous amount of open space. It is possible that an uncomplicated kitchen has equipment made of stainless steel, and a substantial number of cabinets made of dark wood is one of the most suited kitchens for a family.

The kitchen is a room that has a great deal of significance for us, and we consider it to be among the most cherished spaces in the tiny house.

tiny house

At the same time, the stonework is rather attractive, and the open layout gives the impression that the space is somewhat bigger than it is.

The presence of black cabinets creates a difference between the rustic aspect of the rest of the room and the present appearance of the area.

This contrast is brought about by the fact that the area is now being used. Beautiful tiles are chosen for the backsplash, which contributes to the overall cohesiveness of the design.

On the other hand, this compartment for the oven is quite lovely and has a completely original design! To say that this tile backsplash is excellent would be an understatement. It is a perfect way to compliment the tones of gray and milk that are present in the stone.

The Dining Area of the Tiny House

White is the color scheme that is most common in the living area, and its presence helps to contribute to the formation of an environment that is more pleasant and warm than it would otherwise be.

tiny house

There is a link that can be discovered between the kitchen and the completely seamless eating room. The activities that take place during the day are centered on it, and it acts as a nexus for certain of those activities.

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

There is a covered entertainment center that is set above the fireplace in the master bedroom, which is a stunning area that features a fireplace that is specific to the master bedroom.

tiny house

The fireplace is located in the master bedroom. In particular, the great attention to detail that was poured into this tiny house, particularly in these serene spots, is something that we are grateful for.

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