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The modest private cabin near the beach is within walking distance of a small fishing hamlet, and it is situated directly on a peaceful length of hidden beach.




On the west coast of West Sumatra, Indonesia, you’ll find the town of Nagari Sungai Pinang. It’s situated to the south of Padang, the seat of the province, which is where you’ll find Padang. The city of Padang is the most populous in the entire province.


Despite the fact that there are many different activities available, the atmosphere tends to be quite laid back.


They are able to arrange for you to participate in a number of different activities on a daily basis, such as a trip to the waterfall or a tour of the island, for example.


The resort is located in a very gorgeous setting, and it offers its visitors a wide range of activities to choose from. Some of these activities include kayaking, snorkeling, and day trips to the islands in the area.


There is a wonderful selection of activities available to pick from, such as lazing around in hammocks, having time to oneself to read or simply soak up the rays of the sun, going on exciting excursions into the jungle, and exploring the natural treasures that lie beneath the ocean.


The vibe here is chill, the views are amazing, and the staff is really great to talk to and very helpful.


The bungalows are located on a section of the beach that is exclusively for their use and is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty.

The Cabin is located on the west coast, fifty meters from the water.





This house is about two minutes away from the beach that faces west, which has breathtaking views of the sunset.


Because of this, the opportunity to stay on a very desirable section of the island in a home that has been thoughtfully designed and outfitted for your comfort and luxury has come up, and it really is one that should not be missed.


This will only be altered if there is a thunderstorm occurring at that time or if I am in the process of cleaning the house in preparation for your visit in between guests who checked out and guests who checked in on the same day.


The cottage was fantastic, featuring a pleasant porch with a hammock, a practical kitchen to prepare a cooked breakfast, and a comfortable bed. The kitchen was also extremely efficient.


The location is stunning, and it has many convenient amenities, such as complimentary beer and chocolates in the refrigerator, as well as mosquito repellant and other items.


When it comes to the hotels that we stayed in throughout our trip to Thailand, this one is, without a doubt, the greatest.

It is adorable and provides for all of your needs in one convenient package.


There is nothing lacking, not even potable water; everything that you require is here.


A house that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding Thai environment, both in terms of the natural world and the cultural practices of the people who live there.


The house is stunningly adorable and charming in every way. Marcus went above and beyond to ensure that the home was tastefully decorated.

The Moinabad Cabin Resort and Spa.





The Kanakamamidi hamlet in Moinabad is home to a newly built cottage that serves as a resort called the Cabin Resort.

It is situated right across from Brown Town, which is a resort, convention center, and spa. Getting to Hi-Tech City will take you around a half an hour if you drive there.


The Cabin is located in an area that is free from air pollution, is surrounded by farmland, and is a part of a community of 13 other cottages that is enclosed by a gate. All of these factors contribute to the Cabin’s quiet atmosphere.


If one so wishes, there is even space for them to practice yoga there.

The backyard features a private pool, a sitting area with a gazebo, outdoor dining tables, and a great place for a campfire to take place.


This site is every bit as breathtaking in real life as it seems in the images that have been taken there.


Incredible work has been put into painting murals on the walls of the building. It is evident that the owners of this property put a lot of attention into constructing this house to guarantee that tenants feel comfortable, as proven by the fact that this place has a lot of character.

In addition, it is clear that the owners designed this house to ensure that tenants feel comfortable.


The villa and the grounds that surround it are both extremely spacious and neatly maintained in equal measure. Suresh, the housekeeper, is always there to help you with anything you need.


Please refrain from littering and help make this location even more beautiful than it already is. Unique in every way.


Every question can be answered by looking at one of the images that have been posted.

The Cabin on the Beach with a Sunset





The Beachfront Cottage with a Sunset View From the D’Coin Lembongan, you may stroll to Dream Beach in about three minutes and to Sunset Beach in about two minutes.


Gardens of tropical beauty surround a building styled in the modern minimalism tradition. With its large deck and refreshing wet edge, the pool is the perfect place to pass away the day.


The hotel is not on the beachfront, but there is a decent view of the sunset from the inside.


The rooms were large, had everything you may need, and faced the setting sun, which was a nice bonus.


There is really nothing that could be changed about this place; the landscape is perfect, and the wooden houses are adorable.


The hotel met all of my needs. The studio flats are perfect, as they provide not only the basics but also many endearing extras.


It takes no more than two minutes to walk to Sandy Bay beach from the villa.


It is in a remote place, far from any noise or traffic, therefore it is always peaceful there.


All of the staff members are quite pleasant to converse with. The location is ideal, being close to both the Devil’s Tear and the Sandy Bay Beach Club.


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