Simple DIY: Plans for Homemade Wood Hot Tub

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To get you started, here are some straightforward ideas for building a hot tub out of wood:

Choose a place to go: The first thing you need to do is select a location for the hot tub that suits your needs.

The surface ought to be polished and level, and there ought to be uncomplicated access to both a water supply and drainage.

Determine the dimensions: Determine the dimensions of the hot tub that you want to build.

The average diameter of a traditional hot tub is about 6 feet, but you can have it customized to better suit your preferences and requirements.

Gather the necessary components: you will require planks made of cedar or redwood, a heater, a circulation pump, a filter, a drain, and plumbing components.

You have the option of buying a hot tub kit that already includes these materials, or you may buy the individual components separately.

Constructing a solid foundation for the hot tub can be accomplished with the help of concrete blocks. Check that it is stable and level before proceeding.

Construct the framework: The framework of the hot tub should be constructed out of cedar or redwood planks.

The length of the planks can be tailored to the user’s specifications before being screwed together using stainless steel. To give the corners additional support, use galvanized steel straps.

Install the heater and pump: Following the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer, install the circulation pump and the heater. Check that the wires are connected properly and that they are firmly fastened to the frame.


Install the drain and the filter: Install the drain and the filter in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Check to see that they are fastened to the frame in a secure manner.


In order to properly install the plumbing, you need to use PVC pipes and fittings. Establish connections between the pipes and the drain, the pump, the filter, and the heater. Perform a check for leaks in the plumbing.


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