Shoppers at Outfitters now shop for furniture Wood Projects.

Shoppers at Outfitters now shop for furniture Wood Projects.

Recent events have resulted in the Wood Projects’ introduction of not one but four new furniture lines sold by Urban Outfitters.

If you have been thinking about giving your home a fresh start, now is an opportune moment to outfit it with all of the Wood Projects’ newest and most cutting-edge pieces available on the market.

The Wood Projects’ four collections of furniture derive their influence from four different spring interior trends. These trends include vintage-inspired décor, delicate patterns, and wood and rattan furniture that is just gorgeous.

The exquisite Garden Variety Collection is the perfect way to bring the beauty of nature into your living space. This furniture line features wood and rattan furniture, décor that is inspired by antique eras, one-of-a-kind items, and delicate feminine accents throughout the Wood Projects collection.

Elise Clothing Rack may be purchased for $349. Differentiation from the Wood Projects pack is the name of the game with this stunning Elise clothing rack made of rattan and featuring a hanging bar, base basket, and a boho-femme design.

The Wood Projects framing rises above the bar for hanging garments like its own feature wall, in addition to providing a large amount of space for storing a variety of items, including apparel, shoes, and accessories.

Juliana Frog Vase ($14.00). This Juliana Frog Vase is as desired as they come since it has a color scheme that is both beautiful and natural, a ceramic construction that is both long-lasting and sturdy, and dimensions that Wood Projects are just right for a coffee table.

In addition to its stunning reactive glazing, which is sure to capture the Wood Projects spotlight, it features a one-of-a-kind frogged top for threading stems.

The Wood Projects Elise Rattan Rocking Chair can be purchased for $449.00. Your world will be turned upside down by this one-of-a-kind rocking chair that was designed with a bohemian aesthetic in mind.

It’s like having a work of art in your living room, bedroom, or nursery thanks to its winding strands of rattan, its curved designs, and its arched armrests; it’s like having a Picasso of chairs. You may gently rock in comfort thanks to the linear strips that run down the back of the Wood Projects chair.

The cost of this vase is $18.00. Make the Leggy Lady Vase the Wood Projects the focal focus of conversation in your living space. This stunning vase, which may be displayed on tables or bookshelves, was designed to honor women of varying heights, widths, and colors.

It is made of ceramic material and has a dramatic glaze finish. It also has beautiful curved accents on the Wood Projects handles.

The Elise Vanity and Stool Set may be purchased for $599.00. This vanity and stool combination by Elise is the Wood Projects’ perfect way to bring a little bit of the past into your bedroom.

It is a beautiful way to welcome back into your home the vintage furniture of bygone eras, which was the Wood Projects’ source of its inspiration.

Because both the stool and the vanity are made of caged rattan, the Wood Projects’ two pieces can be used in perfect harmony with one another. In addition, the vanity features a beautiful countertop, a door that opens on a hinge, and a round mirror.

An updated twist on rustic allure can be achieved by using furniture made of light wood, soft, contemporary textures, traditional kitchenware, and splashes of deep colors.

The Wood Projects Shelby Tiered Plant Stand is available for $99.00. The Shelby Tiered Plant Stand is a sleek and modern way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home.

It is made of iron and pine wood, and it has a pedestal that Wood Projects has a caged design. Additionally, it has three platforms. With this stunning stand, you can draw attention to the plants while making a bold statement.


Wood Projects


Wood Projects


Wood Projects

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