Shipping Container Serenity: A Home Tour Of This Tiny House Gem

Nestled in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska, there’s a hidden gem that has captured the attention of tiny house enthusiasts and design aficionados alike.


This remarkable tiny house, built using three 20ft shipping containers, is a true testament to creativity and innovation in home design. Join us on a virtual tour of this unique dwelling that seamlessly blends modern comfort with rustic charm.

The Exterior: A Modern Marvel

As you approach this tiny house, its modern exterior immediately catches your eye. The use of three 20ft shipping containers is evident in its structure, but what sets it apart is the clever design.

The top of the lower shipping container has been repurposed into a spacious roof deck, creating a distinctive look and a perfect spot to soak in the Nebraska sunsets.


The upper floor’s shipping container features a sloping roof, giving the house a dynamic and eye-catching appearance.

This blend of industrial aesthetics with a touch of modern architecture makes for a visually striking first impression.

The Kitchen: Cozy and Functional

Step inside, and you’re greeted by a cozy kitchen that maximizes every inch of space. The clever use of shipping containers and shelves provides ample storage for your culinary needs.

The matching countertop and tiles not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also make for easy cleanup, a practical feature that modern homeowners cherish.

shipping containers

Stainless steel appliances grace the kitchen, bringing a contemporary touch to this tiny abode. The corner sink by the window is a thoughtful addition, allowing you to prepare meals while enjoying a view of the outdoors.

Above the shipping containers, an open space serves as a decorative area, providing a classic touch to the kitchen. And don’t miss the unique light fixture that adds a rustic western/country charm to the space, tying the entire room together.

shipping containers

The Bedroom: Rustic Comfort

Tiny house living doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort, as evident in the spacious bedroom. Tall ceilings create a sense of openness, while strategically placed windows frame breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.


The owner has chosen to adorn the room with log beds featuring wrought iron accents of trees and bison, embracing a rustic style that complements the industrial backdrop of shipping containers.

The bedroom’s design strikes a perfect balance between the cozy and the luxurious, offering a serene retreat after a day of exploring Lincoln or simply unwinding in your tiny haven.

The Bathroom: A Hidden Gem

While we may not have images of every room in this tiny house, we can’t help but imagine the bathroom to be just as delightful as the rest of the home. In a space where every square inch counts, you can expect clever design choices that make the most of the available area.

shipping containers

A tour of this home provides valuable inspiration for those considering their shipping container build, emphasizing the potential for uniqueness and style.

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