Senior lives in beautiful Tiny House on social security

In the episode, we will see Senior life in the beautiful Tiny House on social security located in New York.

The outside of my house I went with lap siding just a wood lap siding because we wanted it to have a real natural foot but we wanted white trim to make it pop a little bit then went with the black metal for the roofing the sound of rain on the roof is magical even though Bentley doesn’t like it very much the dimensions are 10 feet wide by 28 feet long and believe it’s 13 and a half feet tall I had stayed in eight and a half by the 19-foot house for a weekend.

the living area

This is the main living room area in the house we can actually fit 10 people in here for a dinner party so it’s been really fun dinner parties we did a Downton Abbey tea we’ve done craft day here the community is a huge part of begin in here the house is a really great idea to have windows opposite and the loft form down here because we didn’t want the dog to take a header off the loft if somebody here.

the kitchen of the tiny house

In the kitchen, this is my pantry and then just other food storage Bentley has his own little drawer with all of his goodies in there, and then all the posts and pans and that type of thing are all in the corner cabinet and it works out of great if you was going to do anything different might not have had the cooktop put in the counter.

Tiny house

The bedroom it’s so cozy it doesn’t feel claustrophobic at all I have a queen-size foam it’s not even a mattress it’s just a high density four lich foam that we have in here, so the back side of the bookcase the slab has just worked out so well foreign it nice.

Tiny house

the bathroom of the tiny house

The bathroom, it’s very spacious for a bathroom and a tiny house I knew when I was designing the house that wanted to have stairs going up the back of the house so the biggest concern was that the washer dyer would fit underneath so you got a 36-inch shower in the condo that we had in Seattle in the master bedroom.

Tiny house

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