See This Love Log Cabin With Large Deck And Beautiful Sunset

Welcome to Log Cabin this quaint log cabin can be found in Wagoner, Oklahoma, in the United States, and it is situated in the state of Oklahoma. It is almost certain that you will fall in love with this log cabin as soon as you lay eyes on it.


The Living Area

When you approach the log cabin, you are met by an open floor plan that includes a living area that wraps around the windows of the great room and has a sidewall that features a beautiful stone fireplace with a log mantel.

In addition, the living area extends around the windows of the dining room. In addition to this, the great room has living space that wraps around the windows on all sides.


This is the perfect place to go if you want to spend a weeknight curled up on the couch with a good book or movie and have some peaceful time with yourself.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The stairs that go down to the basement and up to the second level are located just to the right of the dining table in the dining room. The dining room table faces the kitchen, which is located directly behind it.

The stairs that lead down to the basement are located to the right of the dining room table. Putting the bar on this particular side of the kitchen was, in my opinion, a very astute move on the part of the owners.

log cabin

It appears to be the kind of location where the kids could get their morning meal in peace without disturbing anybody else. If you go through the door that is located at the rear of the kitchen, you will have access to more space, which includes a restroom as well as some storage space.

If you go through the door, you will have access to both of these areas. This door can be found in the farthest back corner of the kitchen.

log cabin

The stainless steel equipment gives the room a more modern feel, making this a perfect option for a log cabin cook or professional chef who spends a lot of time in the kitchen preparing food for guests.

Our favorite features of this appliance are by far the huge oven and each of the six burners that are located on the extremely large range.

The Bathroom of the log Cabin

The bathrooms, despite their seeming lack of complexity, ooze elegance as a result of the utilization of gray counters and trim, which create a stunning contrast with the light wood walls and contribute to the overall atmosphere of the room.

log cabin

The wire rack that is used to store linens is something that I am grateful for since it helps to keep things simple and makes it easy to handle the maintenance that is required.

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