See This Log Cabin Timber Framed On Private 400 Acres

Welcome to Log Cabin take a stroll inside the lavish interior of this timber-framed wood mansion that is part of a private estate in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania that spans a total area of 400 acres.


The Living Area

Behind the living room is where you will locate the ladder that will take you up to the loft. The loft can be found on the upper level of the building.

This particular loft, in contrast to the ones that are located in some log cabins, can be reached from the main portion of the property without the need for exterior stairs to be utilized.

log cabin

Although there is no private room, there is a bed located in this space, as is going to be demonstrated in the next paragraphs. This site does not have a bathroom that guests can use.

If you choose to take advantage of this more beneficial vantage point, you will also be able to see the dining room to the right of the frame as well as the kitchen in the background.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

Through the barn door that is now being closed, which is located to the left of the door that goes into the main kitchen area, one can enter the wonderful kitchen’s second pantry.

The contrast between the modern and contemporary accents of stainless steel appliances and a vent hood, on the one hand, and the classic and inviting appeal of wood log cabinetry, on the other hand, is something that can be observed in this particular location.

log cabin

There is room for a bar to be constructed on the island that is situated in the middle of the kitchen and serves as the focal point of the area.

In addition to providing a sizeable amount of additional storage space, the log cabinets that are located on the island have been given a matte black finish.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

There is a king-sized bed in the master bedroom, a queen-sized bed in another bedroom, and a bunk bedroom with a full-sized bottom bed and a twin-sized top bed in a separate room that has its bathroom.

The master bedroom has a king-sized bed, the other bedroom has a queen-sized bed, and the bunk bedroom has its own bathroom.

log cabin

There is a queen-sized bed in one of the bedrooms, a king-sized bed in the master bedroom, and a private bathroom attached to the room that contains the bunk beds.

The main bedroom features a king-sized bed, while the other bedroom has a queen-sized bed. The king-sized bed is placed in the master bedroom.

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