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SCANDINAVIAN TINY HOME w/ Beautiful Design & Sauna

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In the episode, we will see a SCANDINAVIAN TINY HOME w/ Beautiful Design & Sauna located in Canada.

This tiny home it’s all very private and secluded, but let’s now go and get a little closer. So I’m gonna walk towards the home, and of course, one of the key features of the exterior is this huge fire pit, It’s one of those fire pits that looks more like a cauldron, and you also have these four nice Adirondack chairs and a few tree stumps around so you can put out your food and drinks and just relax next to the fire you have more outdoor space to enjoy with this big deck. There are two additional chairs and a small white table in between them. And if we then look to the side of the home, there is a small grill here, so you can have a nice little barbecue out in the woods.    

the bedroom

The bedroom, which is to your left as soon as you enter. There is a queen mattress here and also comes with 100% organic cotton sheets. So I slept like a baby when I stayed here. In this other corner, there’s also a stool, and you can open up this little cabinet, which has some extra towels in case you need them. If we look back towards the bed, there are these two simple nightstands on either side and two lighting fixtures above me that you can see as I’m sitting here and reading a book. After the bedroom.

the bathroom

The bathroom we were quite impressed with how many amenities and nice items they tucked into this relatively small space with these two nice bathrobes, there’s also a very modern-looking washer and dryer unit which is super convenient to have during your stay this is then your shower, and a simple sink with two extra drawers for storage above the toilet there is a window that looks out into the wood and if you look all the way top there is a shelf with some plants for extra decoration.

Tiny home

the living room of the tiny home

The Living room is a little over 400 square feet in total and it has an interior design with lots of soft, airy neutral colours with light wood accents. They actually do have WIFI all the way out here in the woods, and there is a comfortable couch and a footrest. If you look in this direction, you’ll catch your first glimpse of the floor-to-ceiling windows, and you still have the fire pit going on out there you also have your indoor wood stove some extra blankets in this basket still in this corner there is a small dining table along with two chairs and cushions and there’s a little guitar.

Tiny home

the kitchen of this tiny home

The little kitchenette space. We’ll walk a little closer, and you can see a small fridge there down below, and you have countertop space on either side of the sink, but you do have really all of your essential cooking tools and utensils in this kitchenette. There’s also an electric stove there on the far left, along with more utensils and a tea kettle. And then closer to the sink, All of your plates and bowls, cups and wine glasses, everything is up there. And last but not least, if you look more to the left, you have this nice little spice rack, with all the spices you need to do some cooking during your stay.  

Tiny home

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