Röra Haus — A Modern, Mountain A-Frame Cabin

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In this episode, we will see a modern mountain A-frame located in Garden Valley, Idaho, United States.

Today, we are in Garden Valley Idaho once again at the Aurora house this is an A-frame it is gorgeous we’re only about 10 minutes outside of the small town of Crouch, Terrace Lakes Golf Course, outdoor theatre, eateries, hiking & biking trails, and the Payette River. It’s the perfect place to unwind, relax and spend time outdoors.

2 Bedrooms
3 Beds
2 Baths
Cooking Basics
Outdoor Furniture
Fire pit
Private Patio
BBQ grill
And more…

Inside the A-Frame Cabin
Whenever you walk inside this is a pretty large A-frame it’s all open in here and it’s bright thanks to the windows and just the bright color palette of white and black and the wood details all the way around.

This place has two bedrooms and two bathrooms as well perfect for a family or a couple of friend getaway if you’re coming here to Whitewater raft or ski or explore or whatever you’re here for a perfect size so this first base is the living room and it’s open all the way to the ceiling.

The Kitchen of A-Frame Cabin
The kitchen was fun to cook in and has everything you need. Interesting coffee table books and games added to the slowed-down atmosphere.

The First Bathroom
There is your tiled shower on the left.

And then your vanity on the right side beautiful vanity really funky blue tile on the ground.

The First Bedroom
This is your first bedroom space bed on the right side, your nightstand, and the TV, and here this is the only TV in the house. So if you get this bedroom you’ll be able to watch movies in bed which is pretty nice.

The Upstair Area of this A-Frame Cabin
There is another hangout space there’s a couch, and a chair here and we can overlook the balcony into your living space downstairs with great views of the windows.

The Second Bedroom
The bedroom space is carpeted it’s great the bed on the right side with some nice moody light stands on both sides and then you got the windows up here because we’re at the point of the A-frame now so pretty unique windows in this bedroom just felt pretty cozy to sleep.

The Second Bathroom
It is just gorgeous it is bright I love the tiled shower with the tub and the gold accents for the faucet and the shower head and they even have a window in the shower for some nice additional lighting here and of course your toile and then your vanity on the left side as well but just a nice comfortable bathroom.

We hope you enjoy the article.

Very special thanks to Levi Kelly.

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