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In the episode, we will see a ROMANTIC & LUXURIOUS 300sqft Tiny house TREEHOUSE located in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.

This gorgeous tiny house is also tall all around by trees, especially with those windows in the main section. In this house, you are truly surrounded by trees on all sides and from up top.

Right next to the front entrance, you have these swinging doors reminiscent of entering a salon in the wild and this leads to your outdoor shower. All of your shampoo and conditioner.

There are very comfortable also this other cool angles of the tree house and outdoor features at the entire property you have a ton of netting that is built straight into this last section of the deck.

The Kitchen this tiny house

There is a beautiful and different color scheme, especially that gorgeous white brick backsplash. And just look at those tiles that make up the floor. You can see this mini stove top with two burners.

Your coffee maker and pretty much everything else can be found out there in the open on those shelves including some decorations on the top shelf.

 tiny house

The Bathroom

This bathroom is a small space but it’s gorgeous so can see the lovely sort of old-school-looking sink, opposite of that is your toilet with some cute wallpaper.

 tiny house


Tree house

The Living room this tiny house

These windows let in so much natural light and if you are at the top you have a massive ceiling fan they even manage to decorate a lot of that empty wall and is so comfortable you also can go outside to relax.

 tiny house

The Bedroom this tiny house

The tree house is covered in that gorgeous green paint. The bed itself, it’s a queen-sized mattress, and I especially really loved that bed. It feels quite luxurious, not to mention those green and gold lighting fixtures on either side.

 tiny house


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