Retro House Perfect for Halloween & UFOs

In the episode, we will see a Retro house Perfect for Halloween & UFOs located in Yucca Valley, California, United States.

This outside is really gorgeous land and you’re kind of perched up on the mountain, you have all of this empty land of the mountains it looks exactly like the Joshua tree national park.

The Living room

This is your living room it’s really unique and the retro theme really used the alien it looks so cool and you have a couple of couches that are really colorful.

Even the lamps and the pillows all in the circle rug on the ground there’s a huge and then it can fit two people on, so you got the fireplace looks really neat as well.

The Bathroom of this Retro house

There is your bathroom it is a modem and you also got a sink toilet and then you got your full shower.


The First Bedroom

The bedroom is beautiful so you got kind of a space theme and amenities with this lamp and you can see the wood on the ceiling but it is a modem.

The Downstairs

Their place offers everything you can imagine for games or entertainment or anything so in the basement, you enter in and it’s this huge area on the right side you have this open bar kind of set up.

And you have a refrigerator as well and a sink It is really cool that you have a projector down here and some cool seating all around, it just looks really cozy and fun.

The Upstairs of the Retro house

The room is really stunning you have a blue couch and you also have a sliding door it’s perched your bedroom.


The Second Bedroom

The room is so amazing and you have a king-size bed we also have the sliding door and then the beautiful wall just a wake up to a beautiful view of the mountains.


The Kitchen of this Retro house

This Kitchen is a large space it has everything microwave dishwasher full-sized fridge kettle coffee wine they really have it all so a plus in the kitchen and you can find the dining table now these chairs.


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