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Retired Woman Builds Her Own Tiny House for Affordable Living

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In the episode, we will see Retired Woman Builds Her Own Tiny House for Affordable Living located United States.

The advantages of living in a tiny house, including her low cost of living, far outweigh any challenges she has faced.  In fact, what an average person might see as a challenge, Brigitte finds a way to turn it into a positive.  For example, shovelling snow to walk to the toilet in the morning is an opportunity for fresh air and exercise rather than an unpleasant part of daily life.

The Bedroom

There is you bed room it is very beautiful so you can a queen size-bed and the loft is 8×8 in there room it look really cozy and you also have a book and the color of the wall are white it is an amazing and beautiful room but it comfortable, we got these from her so we have four opening windows that create a nice cross breeze during the summer and the overhang outside keeps that like beating sun from like shining in the windows.

Tiny house

The Living room

In this Living room you can see a couch L shape and you can siting with three or five people over here this couch is very cool and on the right you can see a pretty desk has book in there, and on the desk you also have a lot of book and in the room it includes electricity and internet, and into the living room you have a piano to play music and singing it make you feel relax with you coffee at the morning.

Tiny house

The bathroom of the Tiny House

In the bathroom that’s no  a problem and not to have running water, the good things is we don’t have to deal with a freezing water line, the toilet we have a pail and then you have a circle in here it is very nice, in this room have a lot of shampoo for you get a shower.

Tiny house

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