People Loved Log Cabin Staying This Ideal In North Carolina

Welcome to check out the Piney Knob Log Cabin, which is only 15 minutes away from Lake Lure and 30 minutes away from Tiec, and which features both a hot tub and a stocked pond for fishing. Take a peek around the log cabin.


The Front Porch

The rocking chair that you have is exactly what the covered front porch, which features a roof, needs to complete the look.

log cabin

This is the ideal place for you to have a revitalizing glass of sweet tea in the morning and a piping hot cup of coffee in the afternoon because both of these beverages are served here. Sincere, warm, and inviting; an outstanding setting in which to decompress and take it easy.

The Living Area

The interior of the log home features the more traditional low walls and high ceilings made of wood. Both of these architectural elements are typical of log homes.

Log cabins are distinguished by both of these architectural aspects. The chandelier made of antlers is installed in such a way that it is hanging directly over the focal point of the room.

log cabin

They have made themselves at ease by decorating the space with cushy couches, one-of-a-kind chairs that rock and have wooden bases at their bases, and other pieces of furniture.

A main area that is not only warm and inviting but also thoughtfully laid out in such a way as to meet the needs of the complete family in terms of comfort and convenience.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The kitchen is tucked away in a quiet nook of the house and is outfitted with a profusion of storage drawers and shelving possibilities all over the area. The location of the kitchen contributes to the tranquility of the space.

They have tiled the surface, which makes it very good for quick cleanup, and they have also made a countertop that is designed to complement the tiles.

log cabin

You will be able to make meals in a manner that is both modern and enjoyable in this kitchen because the appliances are made of stainless steel, and there is a lovely corner sink near the window. This will allow you to clean up after meals in a convenient way.

In addition, we are rather fond of the fact that there is unadorned wall space situated above the cabinetry, which the tenant is free to adorn in any way that they see fit.

A tried-and-true log cabinet that adheres to all the established norms of kitchen organization! The one-of-a-kind light fixture that was employed throughout the space contributes to the room’s overall ambiance, which can be described as having a genuine Western or country feel to it.

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