In this episode, we will see a peaceful Creekside cabin located in LaHave, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Interior of cabin

The main building is the cabin shows its very high-vaulted ceilings inside. It’s two stories on the interior, but from the outside, it looks like it could be almost three stories.

The yellow trim on all of the windows. It just makes the siding and the color scheme pop on the exterior You can see a lot more of the yellow trim from this angle.

The Bathroom

There is a lot of natural light streaming and a bunch of towels straight ahead and then on the right, this is your shower. It is covered head-to-toe in some gorgeous white subway tiles and last but not least.

The Backyard of cabin

We have Firewood and hot tube and you can see the little babbling brook and the cabin next to the water.

The Living Room in cabin

This living room is comfortable so we have chairs right next to the table you can’t have a cozy cabin living room without a wood stove so you can sit to enjoy your wood stove.


Then you look the behind those two chairs you can see the record player it had a nice collection of listening music it very nice and enjoy next to your fire.

The Kitchen

The kitchen has all of the essentials that you need and this beautiful table is built right into the wall with four stools a white tile backsplash a large kitchen sink and your fridge and freezer.


The Upstairs Area

There’s a second bedroom that has a loft and your bedroom especially really liked this cool, curved branch seen behind the chair If you look into the top left you can see one of these skylights of lights in this room.


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