Off-The-Grid Tiny House With HUGE Solar System

In this episode, we will see The Off-The-Grid Tiny House With a HUGE Solar System

The home was constructed as a DIY build by Glade and Cloe, with most of the materials being found in the hard rubbish. With all the labor done by the couple, and with the building materials mostly up-cycled and recycled.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house sits on 12 acres just outside of Melbourne, Australia this house is looking very brilliant with this huge solar system it’s about four kilowatts generating per array and all of this is about 36 kilowatts.

The tiny house is a minimalist design style the door and windows are very charming and there is a dining area here and a grill right behind it and a garden so you can cook here and enjoy your dinner as well overlook your beautiful property.

The Living Room Space

The first section of this tiny house is your living space area there is an L-shaped couch right here with these pillows and some storage right underneath it.

The Kitchen

The first section of this kitchen space is your dining area and then your countertop space so you got a little sink and stovetop right here and these floating shelves and then your cabinets and storage right underneath and then you full-size fridge and tons of storage right across from this side so this kitchen space is very beautiful and rustic.

The Bathroom

This is a pretty tiny bathroom space so you got a composting toilet on the middle side, it’s super easy to use and your vanity is right behind that with this sink and a window right behind the last part is your shower space this shower is pretty unique and clean it’s very nice to have.

The Kid’s Loft

This kid loft is pretty beautiful it’s a tiny loft but it’s a perfect size for a tiny house and kid there is a little mattress right here with this cutie doll and tons of storage right behind this.

The Main Loft

This is the main loft area it’s not too big but it’s very comfortable and cozy there is a king-size mattress right here and this window right behind that brings too much sunlight into this room making this room feels cozy and bright.  

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