Off-The-Grid 40ft Shipping Container Home

In this episode, we will see an Off-The-Grid 40ft Shipping Container Home

This amazing 40ft shipping container home is located in Northland, New Zealand it’s designed to be completely off the grid and sits on a perfect spot surrounded by trees and grass it’s a very nice place.

The Exterior

The exterior of this shipping container house is very beautiful it’s very minimalist the color of this house is very cool there are a couple of chairs and a dining table with some chairs here for you as well.

The Living Room

This is a little living room space you got a couch right here with a huge bookshelf right behind so you can spend your time here reading some books and enjoying the view from the outside.

The Kitchen

This is a tiny house but you got a spacious kitchen area it’s very perfect for those who loved to cook there is a long countertop space on the right side, it’s a countertop space and a dining area and you can work here as well.

This huge window brings tons of sunlight into this kitchen space and right below this window you got a lot of storage and cabinets, on the other side, you got a fridge and your cooktop even some floating shelves.

The Bedroom

In this section, in your bedroom space you got a queen-size bed right next to the wall it’s a perfect size for two people, and there is a closet right behind this so you can store your clothes here.

The Bathroom

This is a tiny bathroom but it’s the very perfect size for a tiny house the vanity is on the right side, near the toilet and you got a window as well, right behind this section is your full-size shower space it’s a glass shower.

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