Off-grid tiny house cottage full

In the episode well we see an Off-grid tiny house cottage fully Located in Fletcher, North Carolina, United States.

The mountain views out the front and back are breathtaking and the sunsets are some of the most beautiful we have ever seen! Take a tour and stay with us in this incredible mountain-top cottage.

The Kitchen

This is your kitchen so you have a fridge and a stovetop for all of your utensils if you need cooking including a pot.

The Bathroom of the Tiny house

This is your bathroom here you got a walk-in shower here with plenty of hot water the same with the sink and then a flushing toilet so literally everything that you could want of those modern.

Tiny house

The Bedroom of the Tiny house

This is your bedroom you got a nice comfortable queen bed with side tables and little lamps and this cottage does have electricity so you can charge your phone at night.

Tiny house

And this is a wood-burning stove that keeps this place nice and toasty so we actually stayed and then there are views surrounding this place when you look the window.

The Outside of the Tiny house

This outside you got a fire pit so all around you can view the big mountain.

Tiny house

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