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Off-Grid Cabin with Green Roof & Stylish Interior

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In the episode, we will see Off-Grid Cabin with Green Roof & Stylish Interior located in Ontario, Canada.

This house looks like a mushroom and you have a big garden on the side so our guests have access to the garden it’s a two-story structure floor layout is 15 by 15 feet just the perfect amount of space for a couple to enjoy this would be.

The Kitchen of this cabin

This kitchen tools some basics the natural lighting in this kitchen is great the hammock floor helps out a lot and that light in from up above and over here we have the closet a nice little skeleton key lets you in and the closet’s pretty spacious you can go on forever actually in here and then here’s the utility room our water system batteries charge controller inverter everything we need all in this little nook under the stairs to utilize all the small space we have this built-in wall unit with well whatever you need the staircase it’s beautify.


The Bedroom of this cabin

The queen size bed and the hammock floor which can double as a bed for small kids we would like to keep it really green in here so we’ve added a few plants we like to support uh local artists and stuff these beautiful driftwood lamps and then there’s another lady in town that refinishes furniture and we got these from her so we have four opening windows that create a nice cross breeze during the summer and the overhang outside keeps that like beating sun from like shining in the windows.


The Outdoor of the cabin

The outdoors in this beautiful shower is made by the cabin.


This is a toilet it is really beautiful from the inside and outside it simple but it has everything you need.

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