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Oceanfront MODERN SCANDINAVIAN TINY HOME Built in the 1800s

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In the episode, we will see a Oceanfront MODERN SCANDINAVIAN TINY HOME Built in the 1800slocated in Canada.

A Scandinavian tiny home that is just steps away from the ocean  let’s walk in this direction to go and see what the front of this Airbnb looks like the front is very modern and dominated by all of those windows and this cabin was actually built all the way back in 1880 and it served as the original kitchen for the main.   

In the backgrounds, these owners then stripped it down to its studs and rebuilt it to what we now see today it’s a pretty cool story now in terms of exterior amenities this tiny home has a lot to offer especially considering its smaller size you have this gorgeous wood powered hot tub that is right behind the ocean, and you also have your seating area with a larger outdoor couch these two smaller white a large and a table that place when you visited between rainy and cloudy like this you also got some great sunrise shots.

the living room

In the living room, the interior is a little over 400 square feet in total for reference this living room has a couch and a smaller table my favourite part was this little Reading area with this comfortable couch in the corner and in this area I love the high vaulted ceilings and how almost that entire wall is just made up of the windows looking out towards the ocean.

the kitchen of this tiny home

In the kitchen which is top of the line with all of your stainless steel appliances and plenty of countertop space a bunch of the tiny homes so you have these two large shelves with everything from your coffee and tea makers to the Wi-Fi password some more coffee mugs and finally if we look on over to the right you have one of those fancy microwaves and then your full oven and stovetop I think this has to be one of the best kitchens I’ve ever seen in a tiny home.  

Tiny home

the bathroom

The bathroom I especially love the rounded black sink and also the gold color faucet and as you can see there is no shortage of towels or other basic bathroom amenities like toilet paper it’s really decked out with everything that you could possibly need next it’ll be pan over here to the right-hand side you can find your shower and you have a gold color shower head at the top which had some great water pressure overall this feels like a very luxurious bathroom.

Tiny home

the bedroom of this tiny home

The Loft bedroom, the hosts managed to fit a queen mattress up here and he had two little nightstands on either side with some lighting fixtures I loved the gorgeous white Wood Finishing and also those big hardwood floors there are two large windows along this wall as well that let in plenty of natural light but the best part of this entire bedroom.   

Tiny home

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