Northern Exposed Log Cabin: Where Rustic Meets Luxury

In the realm of architectural beauty, few styles can rival the timeless appeal of a log cabin. The allure of wood, the charm of rustic design, and the promise of cozy retreats all come together in perfect harmony.


Today, we invite you on a virtual journey to explore the Northern Exposed Log Cabin, where rustic meets luxury in an enchanting fusion.

The Living Room: A Rustic Haven

As you step inside the Northern Exposed Log Cabin, the first thing that captures your attention is the breathtaking living room. The main floor of this home boasts a wall of windows that stretches from floor to ceiling, inviting the outside world in.

The generous use of light wood walls and accent beams amplifies the rustic charm while keeping the space airy and inviting.


What strikes you most is the cozy atmosphere that pervades the living room. From the plush chairs, perfect for curling up with a good book, to the open layout that welcomes throws, rugs, or cushions, this room is designed for relaxation.

The tall ceilings add to the sense of roominess, making it easy to envision adding a spacious sectional sofa or retaining the current layout for more intimate gatherings.


The Kitchen: Where Culinary Dreams Come True

Adjacent to the living room, the kitchen in the Northern Exposed Log Cabin is a culinary masterpiece. Large cabinets, a harmonious blend of wood and black finishes, and light countertops create a stunning visual contrast.

The multi-colored tilework behind the chef’s stove adds a touch of artistic flair to the space.


What truly distinguishes this kitchen is its integration with the living area. It’s open enough to feel like part of the living space, allowing those preparing meals to remain engaged with family and friends.

The chef’s stove, boasting two ovens and 6 burners, is a dream come true for any home cook.

And let’s not forget the ample cabinet space, some with glass doors, offering an opportunity to display kitchenware or simply showcase your favorite snacks.

log cabin

The Bedroom: Serenity and Comfort

The master bedroom on the main floor of the Northern Exposed Log Cabin is a private sanctuary.

A sliding door opens onto the deck, creating an extension of the room where you can savor an evening nightcap or enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee as the sun rises.

log cabin

The bedroom’s design exudes serenity and comfort, with rustic elements harmonizing beautifully.

The earthy tones and wood accents contribute to a cozy ambiance that makes this room a true haven for relaxation.

The Bathroom: Luxurious Retreat

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the master bathroom in the Northern Exposed Log Cabin is a highlight. Here, you’ll find the same rustic aesthetic as the rest of the home, but with a touch of opulence.

The tiled-surrounded soaking bathtub takes center stage, offering the ultimate luxury in any en suite bathroom.

log cabin

A second bathroom, while somewhat simpler in design, maintains the overall sense of luxury and welcome.

Classic tiled showers provide both functionality and elegance, ensuring that every moment spent in these bathrooms is a delight.

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