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Never Too Old, Abandoned Cat, 17 Year Old, Finds New Home

Never Too Old, Abandoned Cat, 17 Year Old, Finds New Home

Seventeen years young, Kiki the cat found herself in a scary place – an animal shelter. Her previous family, heartbroken after losing their beloved companion, made the difficult decision to bring Kiki in.

While it’s never easy to see a pet leave home, for Kiki, this turn of events would lead to a wonderful surprise!

“We understand how hard it must have been for them,” shared a kind staffer at the Kitty Adventure Rescue League (KARL), a sanctuary specifically for older and special needs cats. “But lucky for Kiki, she landed right where she needed to be.”


KARL couldn’t bear the thought of a sweet senior cat feeling lost and alone. They knew Kiki deserved a warm, loving place to spend her golden years, a place where her purrs would be music to someone’s ears.

“We see it a lot, sadly,” the staffer continued. “People think older cats aren’t worth loving anymore, but that’s just not true! These special kitties have so much love to give.”

And Kiki was no exception. Despite the initial confusion of being in a new environment, her gentle spirit shone through.

She’d brush against the shelter staff’s legs, a soft meow escaping her throat. She loved a gentle ear scratch and a quiet corner to curl up in, basking in the sunbeams that streamed through the windows.


Then, one sunny afternoon, a new family walked through the shelter doors. They were looking for a furry friend to fill their hearts and home with warmth.

As they browsed the cat rooms, their eyes landed on Kiki. Her soft green eyes seemed to hold a lifetime of stories, and they were instantly drawn to her gentle demeanor.

A volunteer brought Kiki out for them to meet. At first, she was a little shy, but with a few encouraging words and gentle pets, her purr motor kicked in.

She nuzzled against the woman’s hand, a rumbling sign of contentment. The family knew right then and there that Kiki was the perfect match for them.

“It was love at first purr,” the new owner chuckled. “We couldn’t imagine our home without her now.”

Kiki has settled into her new life beautifully. She has her own comfy bed by a sunny window, a scratching post to keep her claws sharp, and a never-ending supply of delicious treats. Most importantly, she has a family who showers her with love and attention.

Every day, Kiki shows her gratitude in her own special way. A gentle head nudge, a contented purr in her sleep, the way she follows her humans around the house – these are all little love languages that speak volumes.

Kiki’s story is a heartwarming reminder that love knows no age limit. Senior cats have so much love to offer, and with a little patience and understanding, they can bring immense joy to their forever families.

So, the next time you’re considering adopting a furry friend, remember to open your heart to a senior kitty like Kiki. You might just find yourself the purrfect companion!

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