Nest Tiny House Review: Your Perfect Getaway In Waco, Texas

Waco, Texas, is renowned for its charming atmosphere and attractions like Magnolia Silos and Downtown Waco. Nestled just 12 minutes away from these popular spots lies the Nest Tiny House—a delightful retreat.


Kitchen Delights: Where Rustic Meets Modern

The Nest Tiny House welcomes guests with a modern kitchen boasting a unique layout—an “L-shape” with a twist.

At the heart of this space sits a charming “L-shape” island that not only serves as a functional workspace but also doubles as a cozy breakfast nook.


With room for three to four additional seats or stools, this island becomes your favorite spot for a quick lunch or a leisurely cup of morning coffee.

Whether you’re preparing a meal or simply savoring a moment, the kitchen is a central hub that exudes warmth and convenience.

Master Bedroom Bliss: Cozy Retreat with a View

One of the most impressive aspects of the Nest Tiny House is how it maximizes space while maintaining a welcoming ambiance.

In the bedroom, the designers have used hanging tapestries to add style and character to the room without compromising the smaller floor plan.

tiny house

The result? A room that feels spacious and inviting, with natural light pouring in through well-placed windows.

Additionally, strategically positioned lamps and ceiling fans ensure that the bedroom is not just beautiful but also practical. Picture yourself reading a book by the soft glow of a bedside lamp—it’s a cozy haven within the tiny house.

The Bathroom: Masterful Design and Luxury

Step into the bathroom, and you’ll discover a space that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics.

The use of tile, matching both the floor and the shower, creates a cohesive look while maintaining a charming rustic feel.

tiny house

This design choice provides the bathroom with a spa-like ambiance, making it the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring Waco’s attractions.

Whether you’re taking a long soak or a refreshing shower, the Nest Tiny House’s bathroom promises a serene and comfortable retreat.

The charming exterior of the Nest Tiny House

As charming as the interior is, the Nest Tiny House truly shines when you step outside. The house boasts a picturesque exterior that captures the essence of rustic elegance.

tiny house

However, the real gem of this property is the expansive veranda. Here, you’ll find a hammock inviting you to take a peaceful nap while surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature.

There’s also a table where you can enjoy your morning coffee and a meal. It’s impossible not to find tranquility in this outdoor patio area—a space that perfectly complements the tiny house’s interior comforts.

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