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Natural Tiny House in the middle of Waco

In this episode, we will see Natural Tiny House in the middle of Waco Located in Waco.

This tiny house is beautiful, into the house we design a little tree house so we think it’s always been a dream of mine we started building a tiny house before we know where we were going to park, and this house we build on 37-foot gooseneck trailer we chose yellow cedar siding to side the house with and as you can see there are lots of window, two main reasons we love natural light.

In the kitchen, we have a lot of counter space and we also have Underneath the kitchen we have a washer-dryer combo we really like this model that the builder picked out because it’s venting So it dries my clothes a lot faster than the non-venting models. And also that eco-mode only uses seven gallons of water, which is really great when you’re being conscious about your water usage. One of the only problems I’ve had during my tiny house journey is the fridge.  

And we also have an office computer we work from the deck was important for my livelihood having a dedicated, stationary large space for all my equipment was really important.   

The bedroom. This is the loft area above the living room and office area. The most important thing for me here was to have head space when I’m sitting up. And I got that. I got a few inches here, which is plenty for me. Another important thing was natural light. I have three windows on each exterior wall here. When I wake up, I can see an amazing view of the Teton range.

The bathroom of course features my full-size tub. I love taking a nice soak in a bathtub. So full-size bathtub and you also have a toilet, then you have a nice corner vanity that has a large mirror and a deep sink and plenty of storage. So in my spare time, I am an oil painter. So I was really happy to be able to use this loft space above the bathroom.


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