Modern & Unique 3-Story Tiny Home.

In this episode, we will see a Modern & Unique 3-Story Tiny Home.

The exterior is very unique there are strange angles and shapes and about half of the facade is made up of glass with a slight bluish-green tint it’s very futuristic and eye-catching.

IMG 5078

The Ground floor Level

On the first level, you have a bedroom it’s very clean, white and modern there is a queen-size bed with cool slanted windows on both sides of this bedroom.

IMG 5080
IMG 5081

The smart TV behind is located on the right side of the bed with a shelf and a clean closet for you to keep your clothes or anything you want.

The Ground Floor Bathroom

This bathroom is very unique and spacious there is a sink in the middle and your shower with a large window and on the other side, you have a ton of extra towels, toilet paper, some more art pieces, and of course your toilet.

The Back Yard of The Tiny Home

This outdoor deck space contains a dining table with six chairs, but of course the main gas-powered fireplace it’s very easy to turn on.

IMG 5083

There is a nice sitting area next to it for your morning cup of coffee or an evening cocktail.

IMG 5084

Walk a few seconds down these stairs underneath the home, and you have a washer and dryer so you can do laundry during your stay.

Continuing down the same path, the landscaping is very charming you have the high-end grill and sink and at the end of the path, you have the gigantic hot tub surrounded by plants on all four sides for the utmost privacy.

The Second Level of The Tiny Home

This second level is very spacious there is plenty of space it’s an open concept room design the glass window everywhere which makes this home feel bright and clean and airy.

IMG 5085

The Living Room Area

This living room is very comfortable you have two large couches, On both the left and right-hand sides there is also a large TV for all of your entertainment options.

The other section is your sitting area and a huge shelf on the right and you can read books here with this comfy chairs it is amazing.

The Kitchen of The Tiny Home

This kitchen is very spacious you have plenty of countertop space, and overall the design is pretty modern and minimalist it’s a fully stocked kitchen.There is a microwave and an oven then up top you have cabinets for storage and your stovetop and coffee maker on the right.On the other side, you have some more slick cabinets and a nice stainless steel fridge and freezer unit.

IMG 5086

The Master Bathroom

The master bathroom of this tiny house is very unique there are two sinks it looked very futuristic like five or ten years ahead of its time.At the end of this path is a toilet and then some more drawers towels and decorations along the far wall and on the other side are your shower.

The Third Floor of The Tiny Home

First up you have the little sitting area with a chair so you can sit here at the end of a long day and enjoy a nice book.

IMG 5090

The Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is very beautiful there are a lot of windows and decorations all around, there is a king-size bed it’s very comfortable.

IMG 5091

On the other side, there is a TV with these huge windows and opposite is your counter with another sink and a massage table with your comfy couch.

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