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MODERN TINY HOUSE With Beautiful design

In the episode, we will see a MODERN TINY HOUSE With Beautiful design located in New York.

The house it was built in 2017 we bought it in 2018 it is 25 feet long and eight feet wide on the front of my house we have a spilt sun that was built by a local woodworker right around the corner from where my home is parked now we put it on the day we moved in so it will always be there so for the outdoor space we really want to maximize my entertaining limit and ability by have an outdoor couch, a couple of chairs as well as just a little bit of a fire pit.

In the kitchen we did but this house is as is so for me it was really important to have space as well working to cook simply adding a cutting board over the kitchen sink gave me double the amount of prep space that we did have doing a spice rack as well as a knife magnetic bar was simple for me, and then the stove, as well as oven area propane powered and they cook well, grew up having a gas stove so definitely added a homie feature for me and being able to cook meals that.


The bathroom. I have a normal flushing toilet.  I have heard that composting toilets really aren’t worth the hassle that they  are. I do wish that I had a little bit more space in the bathroom to put in a  bathtub.

The house being only eight feet wide and having this staircase over on  this side,  it was really essential to create extra prep space for the kitchen as well as  having that space where I can sit down and do work, have a cup of coffee,  look out in the morning.

Upstairs. I really wish I could take credit for this railing,  but escape did a great job putting in the finer details.  As for my plant up here, whenever I did move to Austin, Texas,  I had an ill grandmother. This was gifted to me at her funeral.  So it is really important to me that it becomes a permanent part of my home. 

The place is so beautiful I’m really excited about the years or months that it’s going to start to grow over this railing and kind of cascade through the home in the bedroom space.  It was important for me to have a room to sit up in bed as well as to have all of the windows.  I do have a beautiful field behind my home and Dandy really likes to run around and look at the wildlife and that’s actually one of my favourite things to do.

The second loft.  All I had to do up here was add in my mirror to have the little vanity area to  do my makeup.  I have my shoe rack as well as a clothing rod and boxes for my extra clothes and tee shirts and things like that.  I’m able to come up here in the morning with my cup of coffee and get ready and then I’m out the door and I’m good to go for the rest of the day.  Now to the outside of the house,  it was built in 2017 I bought it in 2018 it is 25 feet long and eight feet wide.  On the front of my house I have a split sun that was built by a local woodworke.    


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