Modern Tiny House Design With Amazing Hidden Shower

In this episode, we will see The Modern Tiny House Design With Amazing Hidden Shower

The Exterior

This Tiny House is located in Portland, Oregon, United States, and this tiny house sits on a beautiful parking spot it’s very close to downtown Portland.  

This tiny house is about 24 feet long and 8 and a half feet wide it is on wheels course and can be moved anywhere that is a beautiful and best property.

The Living Room

This tiny house is pretty beautiful it’s inspired by Scandinavian design the light wood looks very cool all of the wood here is Russian Birch it’s plywood like higher-end plywood so that this very consistent look and feel because this is all one room everything has to play well.

This is your living space so you got a comfy couch here and some storage right underneath so you can store anything that you want right behind this are some floating shelves with these books and the windows so this couch is a bed as well.

The Kitchen

This kitchen looks pretty unique and modern the countertop is very clean you got a little sink here and your stovetop right behind and some storage and cabinets underneath and above that.

Right across from this side, is your dining area so you got a little dining table here with these chairs to enjoy your meal or do your work here.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is very cool it’s just a tiny bathroom but it’s very comfortable when you’re here so you got a little toilet on the right side, with this storage and then your washer and dryer combo and the other side, and the last part is your shower space it’s a tiled shower. Tiny house

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