MODERN Tiny Home With The Interior is Stunning

In the episode, we will see Modern tiny home w/a gorgeous wood interior is stunning in Canada.

Outside our tiny home here try to keep it as clean as possible using this black metal siding here to kind of help it blend into the background when it’s against a field or even looking this way against the tree it kind of blends in just leaves it nice and clean so black windows all over and then we have this nice big deck her maybe not big but comfortably sized, and then there is a black side so a little smaller windows so the tiny house itself is 24 feet long eight and a half feet wide.

the kitchen

The kitchen area for this design was trying to create as large a kitchen as possible and get an island in there because everybody loves it too hang out around it the conversation flows so someone can cook and do dishes and hang out a big feature of the kitchen itself is this beautiful black splash and we also have a nice large sink and dishes in a tiny little sink like van life people as we flip around from the kitchen area.

the living room

The living room area space so a big couch because lounging and watching TV or hanging out on a large couch is always really nice to get some nice storage underneath some large doors as well tried to fit as much storage in here as possible and we have a credenza over here so it’s a little bit lower than the couch but you can still here have a nice little space a little dinner party and have this beautiful bookshelf for storage.

the loft

The loft here we feet tall so you can stand short of stand and make your bed and get in and out just a little easier than having a full loft here so this little recessed space here is really nice for accessing the loft and accessing your bed right here so here we can have another work form home space if you want you can sit here.

the bathroom of the tiny home

This is your nice bathroom area so we have a large vanity area on this side with a large vanity area on the side with a large medicine cabinet a big mirror a cool raised sink try to have a big shower in this one this is a 32-by-shower 32 nicely tiled with handheld thing to get all your bits.

Tiny home

And then on this side, this is our storage side so were stairs here our translucent light here then we have a hanging closet right here large space big drawer here, and then on a feature we have because you need to toilet is our dry flush toilet here but it hides away nicely and you don’t smell anything.

Tiny home


Tiny home

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