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Modern Tiny Home With Interior is Stunning

In the episode, we will see a Modern Tiny Home w/ gorgeous wood interior is stunning located in North America and Europe.

This tiny house is 18 feet long, and about eight feet wide our house doesn’t bump out over the wheel wells so it’s pretty tight and easy to travel with our total square footage being about 133 square feet we had really wanted to make less impact we wouldn’t be able to afford a 30-year mortgage in the Seattle basically but that idea felt really scary and sometimes that we didn’t really want to do at the time very coincidental.

This is pulled to a twin bed which is super nice we have visitors the one thing that we like thought about living in a tiny is that we would never really be able to have guests over but we totally can we spent a lot of time sitting on the chair so this is some storage like keep the sheets for this bed in there we made these are like 35-millimetre films we got them at an estate sale.

The kitchen. We’re working towards zero waste in a space like this. It’s really encouraged us to make sure that we buy good quality products but then have just the things we need. When we first moved in, we were actually metering our own utilities and water and we used less than 200 gallons of water in a month for two of us, which was pretty cool to like see how little impact we could really have environmentally using a composting toilet instead of a standard flush toilet is huge.

This is the loft, it’s the width of a King size mattress. So when Ben and I were looking at tiny living like that one of the issues was how tall he is and then we just happened to find this house that was built by a very tall man. I work nights and so it’s super nice to sleep in the loft because I can basically shut this and have very little light. We call it the womb, it’s like a womb room, but the hardest part of this is making the bed like the beds never made like this. This is an illusion across from here as a storage loft. It is just that its storage.

This is a bathroom it’s tiny but it works we have a giant composting toilet at the bottom and bring it out as finished compost just a shower on the property attached to one of the warehouses.

Tiny Home

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