Modern Tiny Home w/ Interior is stunning

In the episode, we will see a Modern Tiny Home w/ Interior is stunning located in Portland, Oregon.

There are a couple of options and then one we going to showcase today in mount hood village, so they also have a handful of tiny houses available for nightly rentals A third option are you can park your tiny house here and rent our part-time, This model is called the cypress and it’s the same model that built my own tiny house off.

In this place, we have a small couch that I think you can buy at target, but there’s plenty of space underneath it for parking your shoes. Now if you were going to purchase a house like this, you could obviously put in a larger couch that comes all the way to the end of the bump-outs, with more lounging space if you want.

And then we also have a TV mounted to the wall as well as the Mitsubishi mini split. You see this in a lot of tiny houses. This provides heat and air conditioning. So no matter what time of year, you’re perfectly comfortable here.

The kitchen of the tiny home

In the kitchen and all of the tumbleweed tiny houses that they have available for rent. Here at Mount hood village, it’s just a simple setup with a deep sink and a two-burner electric stove top. They also have a mini fridge, freezer and a coffee maker. I like the colour scheme that they’ve gone with in Zoe, more so than some of the other tiny houses. The light blues and TEALS look really nice against the dark cork flooring across from the kitchen. There’s a dining table for two.

Tiny home

There’s a dining table for two. Now, this can fold down. You see this and a lot of tiny houses, I believe it’s an Ikea table. So here’s how you fold it down. Just remove the leaf, and move the chairs out of the way.

the bedroom

This tiny house has a small twin-size bedroom as well as a bathroom, like the other tumbleweed models here on the property there is an RV flush toilet, a small sink, a full-size shower and a vanity.

Tiny home

The loft so loft has a queen size bed with plenty of room for a nightstand over here and at the foot of the bed there’s some extra space, which is a good spot to put your extra luggage or wardrobe items. it’s a pretty big loft actually, and trust me, you get used to it. Even if you’re very tall, you learn to duck.

Tiny home

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