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Modern Tiny Home Expands to the Outdoors & Sleeps 6

In the episode, we will see Modern Tiny Home Expands to the Outdoors & Sleeps 6! located in Ferndale Washington.

This tiny home is a great vacation home they’re especially easy to clean and maintain and if you ever decide to change the location of your vacation home you can do it pretty easily because these homes are on wheels this is exactly when they decided to own and park a tiny house on a piece of land just outside of Ferndale Washington. park, this tiny home is parked on a small plot of land in Methow Valley and this just on the Eastern slop of the North cascades national park this place just really rang true, this tiny house is 32 feet long eight and a half feet wide on the trailer.

The combo washer dryer and it’s actually been awesome. Fast wash does a really great job for us here.  

The bathroom and shower we got a 36-inch shower in here it’s actually been super nice to kind of have like that and We have an RV flush toilet. The toilet is connected to a septic which is on the property and I think the only thing that we had to do the property to get it ready for the tiny home and then Mary’s made some cool kind of design decisions. We ripped apart a purse that she had to get some straps up here so we can easily have enough towels hanging out for friends and families as they come over. We put in a sink here and we decided to do it outside of the bathroom.


The kitchen anytime that you come to the tiny house, We went for a bigger sink that we could negotiate. Kind of getting in here. I think we played had been able to sneak it a little bit bigger, but honestly, this is, this has been pretty big. It’s pretty deep, which is super nice. We’re oftentimes cooking not just for the two of us but for more that are spending the weekend with us. And then we opted to put this on the corner because this window just kind of rolls open and now we’ve got a screen up in case we ever wanted to just pass things outside or just pass dishes right in.  

We have this beautiful cross breeze from one deck to another. When the furniture’s moved out, it just almost feels like a hallway between two big rooms. Overall, we really wanted a really soothing interior experience, you know, nothing too loud to really keep the focus on the exterior, the trees, the mountains and everything around us.  

This is your bed room we actually chose a full XL bed, which means that it’s the width of a full, but the length of a queen. We wanted to make that. We had plenty of space with regard to storing clothes underneath the bed.

In this second bedroom we have two twin beds, especially when we have individuals or kids. This is a good place for them to stay.  So we’re in one of two lofts, so believe it or not, but we have three sleeping spaces in here so we can sleep six people and probably more if we have someone sleep on the living room floor as well.  

This is your Master bedroom Now we are in our third and final sleeping space and again we did another full XL here, particularly for couples that want to snuggle at night up here. We also have some shelving folks who can throw their clothes, shoes, and anything that they bring with them into that for convenience on each side of the bed. We have placed windows in this loft as well as the prior loft.  


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